Only the Truth will set us All Free

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Important stories, important facts, that clarify things we didn’t receive in school. We didn’t receive in the curriculum. They didn’t teach them even in high education. I gave lectures in front of history professors.

Why really Hitler hated the Jews?

What did he want from them?

How did they bother him?

But it’s all written here in “Mein Campi” This book was published only recently. It just got approved to be translated to Hebrew. It was forbidden all these years. But there is an earlier translation that was mad by “Yad Vashem” they were allowed to.

Hitler claims in his book, that the jews are communists. They (the Jews) made the Russian Revolution. They killed there 30 million Russians. All the intelligent ones, in a cruel and horrific way, and that’s their plan for the entire world.

The next country in line is Germany. They founded the German. Communist and Socialist parties, and it’s true. “If we don’t defeat them now, they will eliminate us, and they will slaughter another 20 million, all the inteligent people.”

And that is how they went from country to country. So eventually the only intelligent ones remaining would be the Jews. And he repeats it many times, make no mistake…and he is right. The Russian revolution was made by the Jews.

The Russian army was built by Trotsky, who was an incredible genius.

He created the Jewish division of the communist party, which members’ informed on their father, mother, brother and son whoever owns a Siddur or even a Hebrew learning book … I’m not even talking about Tefilin and Mikveh…He destroyed everything, also by the Jews, but for sure by the Russians.

In the first picture of the Russian government out of 13 members, six were Jews.

Who founded the KGB? Jews. So everything is clearly written.

HE DIDN’T HATE THE JEWS because they had “Peos”.

He didn’t hate them for observing Mitzvoth.

Because they are communists, and he writes it clearly: “The Jews destroyd religion and faith.”

They spread in Germany the heresy in G-d.” He writes this right here. Now you understand why they don’t teach it in schools? Because who write the curriculum? Those same leftists. Of course they will not writte that the Hitler wanted to kill the Jews because they are the forefathers of the Left and the forefathers of Marxism. Communism and Hellenism. But that’s what he writes…

They destroyed all the values. Poisoned literature and theater.

Who dit it? Torah observant Jews poisoned the German theater? Out of nine large German newspapers. Seven were owned by Jews. There was one of the great composers in the world, Wagner. Whose pieces are still forbidden to be played up until now he is banned. Because he was an Anti-Semite long before the Nazi era. And I was very interested to know, what he really said. So the Hebrew University published his book, translated to Hebrew. So I’ll tell you what he writes there:I don’t like the Jews.” “The religious ones, I don’t like them.” “But what do I care?” “The Jews who left the Torah and the Mitzvoth, and look like the gentiles I hate.” Because they merge into our society and destroy our culture and poetry and the German being.” “Those who converted to christianity, I see them as fifth column (traitors).” Traitors that are going to destroy the German nation. If we don’t defend ourselves of them from now, they will finish us because they are disguised to Germans, but they are not Germans. They are Jews. So do you understand why it is forbidden here to teach about him and what he says? Just how everyone here hates the Nuremberg Laws without even knowing them. Nuremberg said that a Jew can’t marry a gentile, so for sure the schools here call it racism. To say that a Jew is different then a gentile is racism. Here in the state, unfortunately. Nuremberg just copied what’s written in the Torah. Wagner just said what’s written in the Torah. That a Jew is a Jew, even if he wears a mask, even if he converts to christianity. “A Jew who sinned is still a Jew.” “You”, he writes, “are merciful people.” “We are cruel people.” “You destroy our culture.” Yes, that’s how Wagner writes. Therefore his entire book is aimed against the Jewish composer Mendelsohn, whose father converted to christianity, and baptized him in church when he was five years old. He writes to him: “Listen, do you think that if you speak German, and converted to christianity, you are German?” “No”. “Your poetry is of a crybaby. Your music is not authentic, and you poison our culture, because people think that this is German music. German music is filled with pride, and you can’t do it. And therefore you are called the enemy of the German culture.”

So isn’t he right? Of course he is right!

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2 comentários sobre “Only the Truth will set us All Free

  1. “Of course they will not writte that the Hitler wanted to kill the Jews because they are the forefathers of the Left and the forefathers of Marxism. ”

    Do not fall into the trap of accepting the holocaust tale, Endlosung, or the final solution to the Jewish question or problem, was expulsion and resettlement of the Jews outside of German occupied territories – not extermination!

  2. Eu queria conhecer a história do livro compilado de Joseph Smith, dizem que ele compilou de James ranimire cooper. O criador da igreja mórmon. Ou seja , James ranimire cooler o mesmo escritor do ultimo moicano, este outro livro que deu origem ao livro de mórmon , não aparece. A igreja de mórmon tem se tornado perigosa!

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